Master the art of driving with The Master Maserati Driving Courses in Italy

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Since Maserati began, this was a brand that was known for its race cars before they became a premier name in luxury cars.

This rich history in racing is something that they are still proud of today, boasting their legacy of winners and their contributions to this sport. Do you want to drive like those leading names in Maserati’s racing history? Do you want to feel the true potential of the Maserati’s power and drive? This pride is why you should look into the Master Maserati classes, which are Maserati driving courses. Read on to learn more about these classes.

What the Master Maserati Class Is

Master Maserati is the driving school that belongs to this brand. When you take these classes, you can have a try at the entire range of Maserati models. These lessons take place in Italy, in a controlled environment with only the most seasoned instructors. The lessons here are split into four different workshops, with each workshop having a different focus and difficulty level. These Maserati driving course workshops are:

  • Practice

In this workshop, you spend a ½ day learning at the Varano circuit. The team of experts at this class will teach you new driving skills using both practical and theoretical sessions. After you complete this course, you can move onto the next one.

  • Qualifying

Now that you have learned the basics in the Practice workshop, you get to enjoy this full-day course to hone your technical skills. Through racing telemetry and video analysis, you can learn how to refine your driving skills.

  • Race

With a personal instructor at your side, you get to climb into the car and experience what it’s like to drive one of these fantastic vehicles. Not only do you have your instructor, but you also have a team of telemetry and mechanical experts as you ride around the track, which is a thrilling experience that you won’t forget.

  • Master

We think you have what it takes to become a master. This 2-day program allows you to perfect your skills and push any performance boundaries that get in your way. In this course, you not only get to drive the GT4 cars, but you also get to drive the full range. Then you can experience those hot laps with 4-time world champion Andrea Bertolini.

About the Varano Circuit

This track was built in 1969 and has since seen many of the most notable motorsport icons race this track. It has been FIA-certified, designed in the best way to be as challenging as it is forgiving. That’s what makes this course so great for Master Maserati. The track has 14 turns, with six right-hand turns, and goes counter-clockwise. It is 2,350 meters in length.

Maserati Driving Courses Conclusion

Who doesn’t want to learn how to drive racecars in a Maserati. If this sounds like you, you may want to consider making the trip to Italy and take this once in a lifetime experience. You’ll appreciate your Maserati road vehicle even more.

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