How Maserati Uses Technology to Enhance the Visceral Driving Experience

April 24th, 2020 by

Maserati is well known for providing drivers with Italian style and performance.

From the sport-sedan Ghibli, that gives you the best of both worlds, to the sporty GranTurismo, Maserati has fitted its cars with all the bells and whistles to provide them all with visceral driving experience. It is truly Maserati technology that helps separate them from the pack.


Across the entire range of Maseratis, you have the 8.4-inch Touch Control System, perfectly designed into the dashboard, and serves as the master hub to control all the other features in your Maserati. The system can pair with your smartphone to mirror the screen on the car’s display and also has features like voice command, an SD card reader, and Bluetooth. You can even personalize the navigation of your car’s settings menus to quickly and easily check and change your settings. This Maserati technology helps you focus on the road ahead.

Maserati Technology enhances the drive

Maserati Technology for the Driver

The Maserati Ghibli, Levante, and Quattroporte all come with the same underlying Maserati driver technology that makes life easier and enhances the driving experience. While you should always be alert when driving, these systems take the stress out of driving and allow you just to enjoy owning a Maserati.

An Adaptive Cruise Control with a Stop and Go feature means you can comfortably drive on highways and freeways and have the car think for you as it automatically adjusts its speed and distance.  The Stop and Go feature is especially helpful in stop-and-start traffic where your Maserati will automatically stop and go again in transit if the stop is only 2 or 3 seconds.

Along with this feature, the Lane Keeping Assistant helps you to safely stay in your lane and reduces the risk of accidentally veering into the adjoining lane. You can set the system to either warn you on display or warn you with a vibration in the steering wheel and apply a corrective steering torque. These two features are integrated into one in the partially automated Highway Assist System that maintains your chosen speed, maintains the correct distance from the car in front of you, and assists in keeping you in your lane with active steering control.

The Maserati’s Active Blind Spot Assist works toward protecting you from the common hazard of cars entering your blind spot. If another vehicle is in your blind spot, your Maserati will give you a visual and audible warning, and you can also set the extent to which corrective steering torque is applied. This system ties in with your Surround View Camera that assists you in parking as well as the Forward Collision Warning that assesses the vehicle in front of you and warns you should a rear-end collision be imminent.

Maserati Technology enhances the drive

Advanced Driving Assistance Systems

Your Maserati will use various systems in its Stability Program to maintain the handling and grip of your car to ensure a safer and smoother ride. At the same time, the Integrated Vehicle Control anticipates and corrects problems that could cause instability. The Adaptive LED Matrix Headlamps provide further peace of mind at night as they provide a 200% greater field of vision than the standard halogen lights.

The GranTurismo and GTS Convertible don’t come with quite the same driver tech. Still, it also has the Maserati Stability Program. It includes the standard parking assistance, ABS, Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, Anti Slippage Regulation, and Advanced Brake Assistance, as well as an advanced airbag system, giving this sports car the safety features it needs.  The Advanced Light Control system dramatically improves the lighting of the car at day and night. Headlamps swivel to enhance illumination of a corner while Daytime Running Lights and a grouping of 96 LEDs on the taillight aid in day and nighttime visibility. This Maserati technology does not only enhance your driving experience but keeps you safe too!

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